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Friday December 18: Orders open from 11/22 to 12/7 8 p.m.

Just before the Holidays, foie-gras, capons, chicken, turkey, white pudding with truffles or port, and cheese platters ready to share

Fresh Meat, French typical Charcuterie, and of course French Cheese !

Here is what Natacha & Nicolas, your Beloved Butchers, are bringing to your door in Hong Kong from their network of high-end artisans and traditionnal suppliers based in the french gastronomical regions.

The holidays are approaching, we will be here in Hong-Kong so let's have a good meal, share foie gras and capons, chicken, turkeys and white puddings, ready-made cheese platters.

Everything is fresh as always,

Without forgetting our catalog of traditional products.

Beef, Veal and Pork meat is deboned, cut and packed into long shelf-life darfresh trays. So that you get ready-to-use, chilled (never frozen) meat for your family and friends.  
We import the french savoir-faire in terms of cuts : Rotis, Osso-bucco, Escalopes, Pavés, Pot-au-feu, blanquette... you will never get bored !

Our suppliers breed their animals in their terroir : Beef from Limousin, Veal from Perigord, Pork from Ile de France.

And wait ! If you want to go deeper in the french gastronomy, let's go "Canailles" : Dry Salami from Auvergne, Cooked Ham from Paris, The best Sausage from Alsace, The famous Morteau from Jura (smoked in chimney), The Choucroute au Champagne, Andouilles and Andouillettes. Go for it !

Last but not least : The "Fromage". We partner with the most famous affineur in Paris : la Maison Alleosse,
What is an Affineur ? Someone who look after his cheese 24/7, turning them upside down, keeping them at the right temperature and humidity to have them florish and expand their flavours and perfumes. Cheese is like wine. It is a religion.

Champagne, 5 cuvées from Maison Chavost, discover Rosé and Blanc de Blancs at low prices,

3 new wines  : 2 white : Mercurey Village and Santenay 1er Cru, one red Hautes-Côtes de Beaune